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The Kamaan is a bowed instrument with six strings and movable frets. Built for Loga by Jonathan Wilson, the Kamaan has a vast range of sonic capabilities and has become one of Loga’s main instruments due to its remarkable adaptability to Eastern scales and melodies. The range of the instrument is Alto/Baritone.

Kamaan Sample 1
Kamaan Sample 2


Created by the incredible instrument maker Jonathan Wilson, the Guitar-Viol is basically a bowed Electric Guitar. The ability to process the sound of the Guitar-Viol in so many ways makes it a perfect instrument for creating atmospheric beds as well as harmonics.

Guitar Viol Sample 1
Guitar Viol Sample 2
guitar viol.jpg


The Lafta is a Turkish fretted instrument that falls into the family of lutes.


It has a wooden soundboard and in many ways sonically as well as aesthetically resembles the Arabic

Lafta Sample (with delay)
viola da gamba.jpg


The Viola da Gamba is in the family of bowed, fretted and stringed instruments.


It was developed in the 15th century and used primarily in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Viola De Gamba Sample 1
Viola De Gamba Sample 2


Also known as the Baglama, the Saz is a plucked stringed instrument from Turkey.


The Saz has three courses of strings and tied frets that are movable so one can play the microtones in Eastern music.

Saz Ambient Sample


The Djura falls into the family of the Saz and is the smallest member of this family. It is often used in ensembles along with the Saz because of its high-pitched sound.

The Djura like the Saz is heard a lot in traditional Turkish, Kurdish, Azeri and Persian folk music.

Djura Sample 1


The Cumbus is a Turkish stringed instrument that was developed in the early 20th century. The shape closely resembles the American Banjo with a metal resonator bowl and skin body head. It has a metallic sound and a very resonant tone.

Cumbus Sample 1


The Rubab or Robab is a short- necked lute instrument from Afghanistan but also played in neighboring countries. It has three melody strings tuned in fourths, three drone strings and twelve sympathetic strings. The strings are traditionally made of gut. The Rubab has a very
rich and deep percussive sound.

Rubab Sample 1
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